Yej Series 8 Poles AC Electromagnetic Brake Three Phase Asychronoous Electric Motor

Yej Series 8 Poles AC Electromagnetic Brake Three Phase Asychronoous Electric Motor

YEJ collection motor electromagnetic brake is YEJ series enhanced goods&periodPress countrywide JB&solT6456 to requirments layout and manufacture of electrical qualities and Y2 sequence motor is basically the very same&period of time This collection motor is characterised by non-drag on the motor shaft conclude equipped with electromagnetic brake when the motor is de-energized&commaElectromagnetic brake is routinely right after the motor go over lamination&commafriction braking torque&commathe motor stopped instantly&commano-load braking time randon frame measurements from tiny to huge&comma0&period15-&period45S&interval Broadly used in equipment tools and transportation machinery and packing&commawoodworking&commaprinting&commafood&commachemical&commatextile&commaconstruction&commashops&commarolling doorway machinery&time period

Rated Parameters
Base Middle Height&colon63-255 mm                                   Power Variety&colon &period12-&period45 kW
Nsulation Class&colon B &solf                                                   Defense Class&colon IP54 &lparor IP55&rpar
Work Program&colon S1                                                       Rated Voltage&colon 380V

Mounting Framework&colon

B3 Body CZPT foot include conclude flange
B35 Frame with foot cover stop flange
B5 Frame with foot include end flange

Installation Size AND Total DILMENSION
Frame Set up Dimension Overall Proportions
fifty six ninety seventy one 36 nine twenty 3 7&period2 fifty six five&period8 65 50 80 M5 2&period5 98 eighty a hundred and twenty 7 3 110 one hundred twenty 110 a hundred and fifty five 195
63 100 80 40 11 23 four 8&period5 63 7 seventy five 60 ninety M5 2&period5 one hundred fifteen 95 one hundred forty ten 3 a hundred thirty a hundred thirty one hundred fifteen 165 230
71 112 90 45 14 30 five eleven 71 7 85 70 one hundred and five M6 two&period5 one hundred twenty 110 160 ten three&period5 one hundred forty five 145 a hundred twenty five 185 225
80 one hundred twenty five one hundred fifty 19 40 six 15&period5 eighty ten 100 80 a hundred and twenty M6 three a hundred sixty five one hundred thirty two hundred 12 three&period5 160 165 135 215 295
90S a hundred and forty a hundred fifty six 24 50 eight twenty 90 ten 115 ninety five 140 M8 3 one hundred sixty five one hundred thirty 200 12 three&period5 one hundred eighty 185 one hundred forty five 235 335
90L a hundred and forty 125 fifty six 24 fifty 8 twenty ninety ten one hundred fifteen ninety five 140 M8 3 a hundred sixty five 130 two hundred twelve three&period5 180 185 one hundred forty five 235 360
100L a hundred and sixty one hundred forty 63 28 60 8 24 100 12 a hundred thirty one hundred ten one hundred sixty M8 3&period5 215 a hundred and eighty 250 fifteen 4 205 215 one hundred seventy 255 380
112M a hundred ninety a hundred and forty 70 28 60 8 24 112 12 a hundred thirty a hundred and ten 160 M8 3&period5 215 a hundred and eighty 250 fifteen 4 one hundred forty five 240 a hundred and eighty 285 400
132S 216 a hundred and forty 89 38 eighty ten 33 132 twelve one hundred sixty five a hundred thirty 200 M10 4 265 230 300 15 four 280 275 195 325 475
132M 216 178 89 38 80 ten 33 132 twelve one hundred sixty five one hundred thirty two hundred M10 four 265 230 three hundred 15 four 280 275 195 325 515
160M 254 210 108 forty two one hundred ten 12 37 one hundred sixty fifteen &sol &sol &sol &sol &sol 300 250 350 19 5 325 325 255 385 600
160L 254 254 108 forty two one hundred ten 12 37 a hundred and sixty fifteen &sol &sol &sol &sol &sol three hundred 250 350 19 5 325 325 255 385 645
180M 279 279 121 48 one hundred ten fourteen 42&period5 180 fifteen &sol &sol &sol &sol &sol three hundred 250 350 19 five 355 380 280 455 700
180L 279 279 121 forty eight 110 fourteen 42&period5 a hundred and eighty fifteen &sol &sol &sol &sol &sol three hundred 250 350 19 five 355 380 280 455 740

Variety Output Rated speed Rated existing η Energy factor Locked-rotor recent
Rated present
Locked-rotor torque
Rated troque
Pull-out torque
Rated torque
KW nN&lparrmp&rpar IN&lparA&rpar &lpar&percnt&rpar &lparcos Φ&rpar Tst&solTN Ist&solTN Tmax&solTN
Asynchronous Pace 750rpm&lpar8 poles&rpar
YEJ-90S-8 &period37 670 1&period49 sixty two &period61 4&period0 one&period8 1&period9
YEJ-90L-8 &period55 670 2&period18 63 &period61 four&period0 1&period8 2&period0
YEJ-100L1-8 &period75 680 two&period17 71 &period67 four&period0 one&period8 two&period0
YEJ-100L2-eight 1&period1 680 2&period39 seventy three &period69 five&period0 1&period8 2&period0
YEJ-112M-eight 1&period5 690 four&period5 seventy five &period69 five&period0 1&period8 two&period0
YEJ-132S-8 two&period2 705 6&period00 seventy eight &period71 six&period0 1&period8 two&period0
YEJ-132M-eight 3&period0 705 seven&period9 79 &period73 six&period0 1&period8 two&period0
YEJ-160M1-eight 4&period0 720 10&period3 eighty one &period73 six&period0 one&period9 2&period0
YEJ-160M2-8 five&period5 720 13&period6 eighty three &period74 60 two&period0 two&period0
YEJ-160L-eight seven&period5 720 17&period8 85&period5 &period75 six&period0 2&period0 2&period0
YEJ-180L-8 11 730 twenty five&period1 87&period5 &period76 six&period6 two&period0 two&period0
YEJ-200L-eight 15 730 34&period1 88 &period76 6&period6 2&period0 two&period0
YEJ-225SL-eight eighteen&period5 730 40&period6 ninety &period76 6&period6 one&period9 2&period0
YEJ-225M-8 22 740 47&period4 90&period5 &period78 six&period6 1&period9 2&period0

HangCZPT Qiantao Pumps Co&interval&comma Ltd&period is a contemporary enterprise with a mixture of development&comma manufacturing&comma services&time period It is specialised in generating electrical pump and motor with far more than 50 series and a thousand specs&time period
Our business facilities on folks&comma equipped with a big technological innovation staff and administration expertise&comma forming considerable human useful resource and powerful technologies advantagement&period of time

We possess superior electrical pumps and assembly line for motors as well as on-line automatic screening programs&period of time All these equipments provide favorable managing situation and trustworthy detecting methods&interval Our company has passed the CZPT&colon2000 worldwide top quality technique certification and “3C” electrician product certification&period of time The items have gained the producing licence granted by the national technological supervision bureau and “Agricultural CZPT popularization licence” granted by the countrywide agriculture ministry&interval

CZPTers’ fulfillment is the eternal pursuit of “Qiantao” staff&period of time High quality and credit score standing is the eternally primary matter of Qiantao&period We sincerely desire to cooperate and develop with each other with all associates&period At the very same time&comma we warmly welcome the new and previous customers from residence and abroad to do company with us and immediate us&period

At all times&comma Qiantao Pump Organization is appling ourselves to normalized engineering growth and top quality administration building&period of time We consistently solidify&comma ideal and enhance the firm’s whole quality administration standard&period We also popularize ISO9000 top quality management method&interval These not only uprise the management standard&comma promise the merchandise top quality&comma strengthen the managing belief of “CZPTers’ satisfaction is Qiantao people’s persistent pursuit&period of time Quality and credit rating standing is the eternally main subject matter of Qiantao&interval”&comma but also get the customers’ have confidence in&interval

Yej Series 8 Poles AC Electromagnetic Brake Three Phase Asychronoous Electric Motor