Automatic Chamfering Machine Nc Automatic Chamfering Machine Chamfer Mold Base Chamfer Steel Plate Machine Tools

Automatic Chamfering Machine Nc Automatic Chamfering Machine Chamfer Mold Base Chamfer Steel Plate Machine Tools

Trinity chamfering machine DJx3-1000×250
 the Trinity Ganged Chamfering Device DJ X3-12060, which is in compact construction with large degree of automation, mostly for the batch processing of mould plate components chamfering, especially for mould and other plate processing industries. This equipment is in large precision and prolonged daily life, adopting higher precision linear information and ball screw as linear movement-spoke driven by servo motor, frequency conversion engineering, CVT, angular velocity can be modified at any time, substantial pace retract table charged magnets, air flotation functionality can lessen labor depth iron protection can minimize iron splash, to increase basic safety functionality. This device can horizontally and vertically chamfer at the identical time, or step by action processing. Compared with conventional approaches,  this equipment increases generation efficiency, will save human source for factory ,  and improves the good quality and precision of operate piece.

* 3 Cutters
* Pneumatic clamping
* CNC-managed positioning of the axes
* Security hood with protection lock

Cutting Capacity   (W X L X H)
(25-250)X(a hundred-600)X(one hundred-one thousand)mm
Function Load Capacity  2000 kg
Dimension (W X L X H) : 3000 x 2500 x 1500 mm
Chopping capacity: C4
Pneumatic Float Magnetic chunk System: 600*1150

Major Components:
NC program: ZheJiang
Servo motor: CTB
AC contactor: ZheJiang TECO
Intermediate relay: Japan OMRON
CZPT: Germany FAG
Worktable ball screw: ZheJiang

The Chamfering machine is optionally equipped with pneumatic clamping units enabling 
the workpiece to be turned quickly. Workpiece with a maximum length of 1200 mm, 
a optimum thickness of 250 mm and a maximum width of 1200 mm can be milled as regular. 
Optionally,  chamfering C1,C2,C3,C4 are CZPT.

According to following standards:
*    ISO 9001
*    CE
*    Patent Certification
*    Software Copyright of milling machine
*    Member of CZPT
CZPT product sales& Provider:
Mobile: -182694 0571 6

Specifications of Trinity Ganged Chamfering Equipment device(DJ-3X1000-250)
Products Title Specification
GooDa Trinity Ganged Chamfering Equipment machine(DJ-3X1000-250) DJ-3X1000-250
Reducing potential


Management axis amount 3
Chopping capability mm C4
Workpiece T*W*L mm (twenty five-250)*(a hundred-600)*(one hundred-a thousand)
Worktable Dimensions  mm 600*1150
Max loading weight KG: 2000
Spindle Spindle speed(Infinitely variable speeds)rpm 2800
Spindle power  KW one.1
Slicing diameter  mm 90
X axis X/Z axis motor power KW: .seventy five
  X/Z Max feed speed m/min: 6/1
Z axis X/Z Max chopping speed m/min: 4/one
Tank capacity Pneumatic Float Magnetic chuck System 600*1100
Lubrication injection ports five
Electrical power Power AC380V/220 20KVA
Internet excess weight Machine web fat KG 2600

We provide the super 6-sided pre-squaring on mildew metal plate preparing, making a milled, squared and chamfered plate ready for production CZPT high priced and damaging grinding.
two. Soon after sale support, we will support you at when when there is a problem. besides, we will check device often.
three. Equipment occur wired for United states of america electric power or your regional electricity.
4. We source skilled set up and coaching.
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Automatic Chamfering Machine Nc Automatic Chamfering Machine Chamfer Mold Base Chamfer Steel Plate Machine Tools