AGM Lead Acid Battery Separator Insulation Separaor Paper

AGM Lead Acid Battery Separator  Insulation Separaor Paper

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AGM Battery Separator, Gentle AGM Separator


Thickness mm ±5%d
CZPTal Resistance Ω.dm2 ≤0.00050d
Tensile Strength kN/m ≤2.0mm
Simple Fat g/ 20Kpa
Max Pore Diameter µm ≤20µm
Pressurzing Acid Absorption % ≥550
Porosity % ≥90
Acid-Wicking Peak mm/5min ≥90mm/5min

The AGM separator has great acid resistance, equivalent thickness, higher quantity porosity, ample tensile improve each in equipment course and cross path, very good compression capacity to guarantee the higher plate team stress, and very good insulative potential and many others. It can soak up enough electrolyte, supply the channels for hydrogen and oxygen totally free passing to respond, avoid the energetic materials from slipping off, slow the generation of direct crystal, and minimize the loss of electrolyte in demand & reduction upkeep, it is also has a long employing lifestyle. 

Direct-Acid batteries (VRLA batteries). UPS energy supply, CZPTal electricity technique, Railway signal, Telecommunication products, Unexpected emergency lights, Fireplace management and Alarming system, Generator starting, CZPTal car and Motor-cycle, Benefit-regulated, Solar & Wind electrical power. 
Thickness: .five-5.0mm 
Sizes could be CZPT.
We use advanced engineering to each customer’s certain requirements. Every single solution should meet your unique specs for uniformity, compression, pore size, absorption, and wicking qualities. 


AGM Lead Acid Battery Separator  Insulation Separaor Paper